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Mammography Tracking Software

Automated, Integrated, AI-Powered

”MagView’s state-of-the-art patient tracking software provides breast centers with the tools to be more efficient, more productive, more compliant, and offer an enhanced patient experience.”

MQSA Compliance

From automatic documentation of results to accurate medical audit and outcome analysis, MagView's Mammography Tracking Software provides tools to ensure strict MQSA compliance.

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Fully Automated Patient Tracking System

Fully automated patient notification and follow up begins the moment the imaging results are complete. MagView tracks data on a lesion level to ensure every single finding is followed up. Users have complete visibility on patients that require more follow-up, next steps and AI-based suggestions for priority outreach.

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Average Time Savings = 5 minutes per patient

*Based on prior workflow for manual BI-RAD entry

Follow-Up Tools

MagView's AI-driven algorithm can determine a patient's likelihood to return for their next visit. Tools lead staff through suggested next steps for follow up with patients. Unable to reach the patient today? MagView automatically loads the next contact steps at the appropriate time based on your facilities processes and procedures.

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Enhanced Patient Communication

Upon receipt of the report, accurate patient notification/recall letters are automatically generated, and a copy is stored for documentation within the mammography tracking software. Reduce result wait time with MagView's HIPAA compliant Patient Results Portal (can be embedded in EMR portal). Send text messages to remind overdue patients to return. All solutions work in combination to increase the patient return rate, reduce out-migration, and increase patient satisfaction.

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Quality and Outcome Reporting

Partnered with leading breast centers for over 27 years, MagView’s mammography tracking reports provide insight into the health of your breast imaging practice. With the click of a button, take a deep dive into your quality and outcome data. No matter the size or volume of your organization, you can easily and quickly access important metrics and trust the data presented. Support ACR, NCCN, CAP, NQMBC, NAPBS, NMD, and MIPS.

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Integration and Workflow Efficiency

MagView integrates with all of your existing systems for a seamless and comprehensive workflow - HIS, RIS, PACS, Dictation, and EMR. MagView's end-to-end breast center workflow approach considers all areas of the operation: patient in-take, high-risk screening, result distribution, through to cancer navigation. Workflow enhancements include:

  • Patient History Tablets and or/Portal
  • High Risk Screening Module
  • Patient Results Portal
  • Navigation Module
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Trusted by over 2,500 facilities, MagView's Mammography Tracking System takes the "work" out of your workflow, so you can focus on your patients.

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