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Did You Know?

A recent study of ACR-accredited facilities found that 79% of all unit accreditation failures were due to positioning.

Did You Know?

In 2015, the ACR found that, of all clinical images which were deficient on the first attempt at accreditation, 92% were deficient in positioning.

Did You Know?

A 2017 Rush Medical College study found that 12-14% was the ideal recall rate, up from current guidelines of 5-12%.

Mammography, 06-0 Mammography Reporting System

Mammography Results Reporting

Mammography outcome data is vital to the success of your imaging practice. MagView recognizes this need, and our mammography tracking software is designed to collect and present this data as clearly and efficiently as possible. Whether for MQSA requirements or accreditation, MagView continues to be at the leading edge of the breast imaging world.

  • Can you easily obtain outcome data and statistical analysis from your current system?
  • Are you confident that your audit will run smoothly without any red flags or questions from the auditor?
  • Are you still tracking outcomes and calculating statistics by hand or by spreadsheet?
  • Does your system provide a built-in feedback loop for readers or a teaching tool for residents?
  • Is your facility vying for a Breast Center of Excellence or NAPBC accreditation?


, QA Reporting Structure

QA Reporting Structure

Regardless of your workflow and where your finding reports are created, everyone uses MagView for tracking and outcome statistics. That is why our Quality Assurance (QA) report is so robust. Our latest version provides performance reporting, which includes detailed screening outcome statistics, as well as a readers worksheet. This worksheet provides a visual guide to where your readers lie in regards to PPV and recall rates. We now also include BCSC benchmarks alongside the ACR targets. This is why MagView has been the trusted source in mammography information systems for over 27 years!

  • Automatically create and track outcome statistics regardless of where the results are generated
  • Schedule your QA report to run in the background or on a schedule, saving your team time
  • Plot your sensitivity and specificity with the ACR zones, ACR data points, and BCSC data points, for measuring your statistics
  • Show the outcome path for all positive screening cases
  • Track mammogram callback statistics and other vital data
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QA Dashboard

Your outcome data is important to your practice, so why not have a way to view your updated statistics in real-time? The QA Dashboard provides just that – a constant visual aid to track your team’s numbers at any point throughout the year. This completely customizable tool can be viewed anywhere you have internet access, allowing you to track multiple locations (or just one) from miles away.

  • See changes to your facility’s outcome data in real-time
  • Track site-critical data, such as mammogram callback statistics, sensitivity, and specificity
  • Identify trends and areas for improvement for one or multiple sites
  • Accessible from anywhere with internet connectivity
  • View configurable messages and alerts delivered straight to your mobile device
, Re•View


Previously, there was no tool available to allow radiologists to review past cases with known outcomes. That’s why MagView created Re•View. The goal is to bolster existing decisions and apply corrective action to others with the aim of improving recall rates and patient outcomes. This has already been put to use as a teaching tool for residents as well. No other mammography information system offers this capability.

  • Improves patient outcomes
  • Increases radiologist confidence
  • ‘Share’ feature allows radiologists to review others’ cases
  • ‘Blind’ feature allows radiologists to predict & review outcome
  • Can be integrated with ACR RadPeer
  • Compatible with Live Retrieve, our real-time image retrieval tool

MagView was able to help us get a report modified for our new PACS vendor. They were professional, prompt in attention to our issues, and was able to get everything working correctly. They made the process much smoother. Thanks!

- Denise Navarette, Tucson Medical Center


We were the first to market with our Structured Reporting system.

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