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, Radiologists Are Doing More Than Just Voting

Radiologists Are Doing More Than Just Voting

With our office so close to D.C., we are no strangers to politics. This news rings even closer to home, and it could have an impact on the elections this November.

Primaries are already underway, with midterm elections coming up later this year. There is always a lot at stake, but with the rapidly evolving healthcare world, radiologists are doing more than just voting.

Dr. Amy Patel and her research team just announced that contributions from radiologists have tripled over the past 15 years, reflecting a far more active and engaged presence from the IT industry. Interestingly, most of the contributions are directed towards non-partisan PACs (Political Action Committees), with the vast majority going to RADPAC, the ACR’s political action committee.

Major industry changes, such as the Affordable Care Act and Medicare reimbursement modifications, have driven contributions up, though Dr. Patel does point out that only around 10% of radiologists actually contribute to medical political action committees. Still, those who do have been ramping up their average donations over the years.

“We still need to get over that 10% hump, but our results show that the radiologists who do contribute are giving more, dollar amount-wise,” Patel said. This would appear to be a direct result of the federal government’s increasing influence on healthcare policy.

At the same time, RADPAC is pledging support to two radiologists in their bids to win seats in the U.S. House in 2018. Dr. Steve Sevigny and Dr. Steve Ferrara are first-time candidates vying for a House spot in Florida and Arizona, respectively.

Ted Burnes, Director of RADPAC, stated in their press release that, “The party label does not matter to RADPAC. What matters when supporting radiologist candidates is the credibility of their candidacy. Do they have a realistic path to victory? Are they willing to work with the College and the radiology community on issues important to the profession and for patients?”

The primaries are already underway around the country, and midterms are less than six months away. It will be interesting to monitor the campaigns and how health care issues play a part in the elections.

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