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Mammography Patient Workflow

Is Your Breast Cancer Facility Equipped With Patient Workflow Management?

Almost all patients favor a facility that uses the most up-to-date technologies, even if they won’t use them directly. Does the patient experience at your mammography center match up? Maybe you have seen some of these tools in use when you visit your own doctor’s office as well.

  • How do you stack up against other imaging centers?
  • Do your patients use tablets?
  • Do they receive emails to view results via patient portal?
  • Do they get texts reminding them of upcoming appointments?
  • What is your overall patient satisfaction level?


, SMS Notifications

SMS Notifications

Over 95% of all Americans own a cell phone, and the vast majority own a smartphone of some kind. We are tied to these devices, so why not use them to help bring your patients back in? Patient notification software provides the following benefits: 

  • Reminds patients about scheduled exams
  • Provides patients with peace of mind with instant notification of results
  • Increases patient satisfaction through technology
  • Offers customizable notifications
  • Reduces no-shows; increases revenue


, MagView Portal: History

MagView Portal: History

Putting the power of history entry into your patients’ hands not only saves them time during their appointment, but it saves your techs and front desk staff time as well. Our secure, HIPAA-compliant portal allows for patient history collection prior to their visit.

  • Collects history information before the patient even arrives
  • Reduces data entry, reduces patient stress
  • Improves clinical and patient workflow
  • Speeds up the check-in process
  • Boosts the overall patient experience
, Tablets


As your patient population becomes more tech-savvy, they can become part of the check-in process by entering in their history via tablet. While they wait for their appointment, they can be entering in their pertinent history information over your secure wireless network. This improves efficiency and overall patient satisfaction. Many doctors' offices already employ this technology, and now your breast imaging center can, too.

  • Improves clinical workflow
  • Speeds up check-in process
  • Reduces tech and front desk staff data entry
  • Supports a paperless workflow



, MagView Portal: Notification

MagView Portal: Notification

Whether through a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, patients have more access to email than ever before. You can tap into this medium and send instant notification to patients when their results are ready, and send recall letters safely and securely. A patient notification system:

  • Notifies patients immediately after results are entered into MagView
  • Automatically records patients’ receipt of results
  • Offers an unlimited number of patient letters
  • Is HIPAA and MQSA compliant
  • Eliminates the cost of postage


, The Patient Experience

The Patient Experience

  • Texting – Remind your patients with appointments
  • Portal History Collection – Patients enter history online prior to visit
  • Tablet – Patients confirm history in waiting room
  • Confirmation – Tech confirms history with the patient
  • Exam Performed – Radiologist reads images
  • Patient Notification – Secure email delivers notification
  • Recall Letter – Email recall to scheduling appointment