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Continuous Improvement

Every system must adapt to its environment in order to thrive. Cactus plants have mechanisms for storing water throughout the year in a climate where water is scarce. Deer and other animals move where the food source goes. Birds of all kind migrate with the changing seasons.

The same is true for MagView and each one of our customers. We often find ourselves in the midst of a rapidly changing clinical environment. State and federal legislation, oversight agency regulations and rulings can evolve, changing the regulatory landscape. Imaging technology and diagnostic practice continues to advance, leading us to new opportunities and new challenges. Best practices within the clinical environment continue to emerge, allowing us to constantly improve patient care and outcomes.

In just the last couple of years, we have seen large changes as a result of the HITECH Act, Meaningful Use, the Affordable Care Act and PQRS that have started the advance towards an outcomes-based focus on healthcare and reimbursement and changed compliance priorities. Revisions to the ACR BI-RADS Atlas have changed the way we create structure reports and collect data. A recent wave of tissue density legislation throughout many States has changed the way we provide notification to patients.

In this rapidly changing environment, MagView stands committed to support our customers in anticipating key trends and responding to new requirements. Our goal is to help customers not only face these challenges, but identify within them the opportunity to make improvements in efficiency, patient care, and outcomes.

Continuous Improvement Program

The MagView Continuous Improvement Program allows sites to schedule members of the MagView Solution Team to periodically be on-site with them to help assess their workflow, identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks. Using this process, the MagView team is able to review workflow, assess the customer’s full utilization of MagView capabilities, and make change recommendations based on the customer’s priorities. Following this review, the MagView Solution Team implements the recommended changes and helps the customer achieve their goals.

MagView Continuous Improvement Programs can be designed in a flexible way, from quarterly engagements to a single yearly meeting. In addition to the on-site Solution Manager, the team will include the resources of MagView engineers, developers, applications specialists and support staff to ensure a successful implementation of each solution.

Change is inevitable. In the ever-changing healthcare environment, however, MagView’s commitment to strong relationships and effective solutions remains a constant.

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