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Hoag Hospital prides itself in being a cutting-edge leader in both technology and patient care. When Hoag decided to adopt a mammography information management solution, it required a vendor that could deliver the flexibility needed to interface with a complex array of hospital systems, transition the group to a paperless workflow, and support the high volume, high efficiency operation that Hoag envisioned. After a comprehensive review of all options, Hoag selected MagView.

During implementation, MagView was interfaced with Hoag’s Quadramed Affinity HIS, Siemens Novius RIS, PowerScribe dictation system, and Galvanon CVM patient tablet check-in system. The integrated system allows staff to order, begin and end all breast exams directly in MagView without switching to another system, and has proven very reliable, with 100% uptime in the two years since it was implemented.

MagView’s automatic tracking and outcome monitoring has helped Hoag track patients throughout its several facilities. What used to require gathering and comparing logs from all five facilities, is now accomplished automatically with the click of a button. Observes Cyndi Damo, Hoag Outpatient Manager, “It is extremely beneficial to have complete management and statistical reports available at any time, with up-to-date information.”

MagView has also helped Hoag implement an improved patient tracking workflow. “Thanks to MagView, we are much more proactive in scheduling patients for additional views and biopsies, as well as retrieving prior films. Every morning I print a report and immediately see all callback and biopsy requests from the day before,” states lead technologist, Sandra Hooks Reynaga, CRT(M) ARRT(M). “MagView provides a safety net to ensure all patients are followed-up.”

The radiologists at Hoag required a system that would allow them to create structured reports for all breast exams, including MR, breast biopsies, cyst aspirations, and needle localizations. Procedures that used to take several minutes to dictate now take Hoag radiologist’s less than a minute to complete with MagView’s structured reporting features. Since the implementation of MagView, Hoag’s 12 radiologists have used structured reporting for more than 95% of all breast procedures performed. Dr. Gary Levine, Medical Director, notes, “MagView’s structured reporting sounds like me when I dictate. It doesn’t sound like a computer. Plus, it’s quicker than dictating. That’s a big reason why MagView has become so valuable to our group.”

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