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Chapter 1 - Patient Experience Innovations

Patient experience is a key component of clinical quality, and a focus point for breast centers of the future. The MagView patient experience helps you promote patient touch points and enhance patient perception throughout the continuum of care.


Chapter 2 - Clinical and Technologist Innovations

Speed and accuracy have to coexist, and that’s asking a lot sometimes. We took this as a challenge in designing a tool that focuses specifically on the technologist experience, and designed a system that increases efficiency on their side.


Chapter 3 - Radiology Workflow Innovations

MagView was built around the radiologist experience. This means, when we add new features, we focus on how this will help the radiologist do their job more efficiently.  In other words, we empower them to do more with less. This is true whether your radiologists are reporting in MagView or dictating outside.


Chapter 4 - Using Structured Reporting

Structured reporting also helps the radiologist reduce liability.  According to the PIAA, radiology departments were one of the highest specialties in total indemnity cases during the recent 10-year time span, and more than half of radiologists have been involved in a suit by the time they reach age 60.


Chapter 5 - MIPS, NAPBC & AJCC Changes

The three existing quality reporting programs (PQRS, Value–Based Payment Modifier and Medicare EHR Incentive Program) have been streamlined into MIPS along with an additional category, Improvement Activities. What other recent regulatory changes might have an effect on your facility, and how can MagView help?


Chapter 6 - FDA Compliance

With imaging review now being mandated, facilities have to show proof of a system in place that tracks this information. Your auditor is going to want to see something solid, something with clear and accessible documentation. What do you have enabled right now for this requirement?


Chapter 7 - Breast Density Laws

In too many cases, your time is not considered at all when factoring in density notification. You are left with the task of remembering to include this wording on all letters or as a separate notification. Learn more about how MagView takes the guess work out of the equation.


Chapter 8 - Recall Rates & Absent Feedback Loop

Radiologists need a tool to close the feedback loop regarding recall rates.  Residents need a tool that can help train them on how to spot lesions on cases with known outcomes. MagView has developed a quality improvement tool designed specifically for mammographers. We have the first and only real-time radiologist outcome improvement tool, called Re•View


Chapter 9 - How Robust Is Your Risk Program?

The MagView Risk module allows you to conduct breast risk assessment based on the patient history you are already collecting. You can use this data to implement an automated workflow for high risk patients, including: notification, education and documentation.