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, Tyrer Cuzick Version 8 is Here!

Tyrer Cuzick Version 8 is Here!

The newest version of Tyrer–Cuzick, version 8, was released earlier
this year in March. This new version is now supported in the latest
builds of MagView 7.2 and MagView Luminary.

New Tyrer Cuzick 8 Features

The update to the model now includes support for Tissue Density
and Polygenic SNP score.


Tyrer–Cuzick 8 now supports tissue density in the following

• A visual analog scale
• BI–RADS density categories (4th edition)
• Volpara density

Of these methods, the BI–RADS density classification is by far the
most used method. MagView will calculate the Tyrer–Cuzick score
based on the latest available tissue density recorded. That means it
will use the prior study’s tissue density when the study is new and
will recalculate once the report is created and signed off—similar to
other risk scores that include tissue density.


The Volpara density is another tool that MagView can support.
It is a volumetric measure of percent density that is determined
automatically based on the images. MagView can receive this
density with our MagSR DICOM interface and will calculate Tyrer–
Cuzick with it instead of the BI–RADS classification if available.

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