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, The Multidisciplinary Team Model & Magview

The Multidisciplinary Team Model & Magview

The best management of patients with breast cancer often involves the expertise of specialists from different disciplines. This has led to the evolution of multidisciplinary teams where key professionals collaborate to review individual patients and contribute to clinical decisions.

At MagView, we find the same benefits when providing solutions and service to our customers. The traditional model for technical support involves a process where an issue is passed from one technician to the next until a solution is found. We believe that the best outcomes and customer experience comes from a team based approach where each of the resources on the team can contribute to a solution depending on the nature of the problem. In support of this unique approach, MagView has developed and staffed several key teams that participate in providing solutions.

Dedicated Representative

For many customers, a dedicated support representative has been assigned who knows and understands the stakeholders, workflow and priorities of the customer. The dedicated representative leads the rest of the team in coordinating solutions.

Frontline Support Specialist (Tier 1)

The frontline support team handles issues as soon as they come in. They will either provide a rapid solution or triage the issue and bring in an investigative support specialist. If you have ever called in to our Support Department, chances are you have spoken with one of these support specialists.

Investigative Support Specialist (Tier 2)

The investigative team participates to research more complex issues and provide application customization services.

Development Operations Team (DevOps)

The DevOps group is a newly formed group that provides a bridge between the customer and the Development group. When an issue is complex and requires code changes or enhancement requests, a DevOps specialist will work on the problem in the customer’s environment to be sure that the requirements are well understood and an optimal solution is provided from the customer’s perspective.


MagView Product Engineers participate in the team any time the diagnosis of a problem is particularly challenging and requires advanced troubleshooting or programming.

Transition Specialist

Our Transition Managers specialize in bridging the gap between implementation and support for customers who have recently gone live. The Transition Manager participates in the implementation process to learn and understand the workflow, goals and special needs of the customer, and works to ensure that the customer has a smooth transition and positive early experience with MagView.

Research & Development

MagView software is built and maintained by programmers who understand the users’ experience. Each member of our development team has spent time on site with customers and are routinely tasked with research in the field of breast imaging.

We have learned a lot from our customers! One of the most valuable things we have learned is that a multidisciplinary team approach helps to create the best solution and the best customer experience.

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