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, The MagView Portal

The MagView Portal

Patient Satisfaction is vital to any healthcare practice, especially breast centers. One of the main reasons patients do not return for screening is the anxiety created by the experience.

What if your patient could receive her lay notification letter almost as soon as her report is signed?

Recent studies have shown that over 70% of patients would prefer to receive emails from their healthcare providers.

Secure HIPAA Compliance Solutions

The MagView Portal provides a secure and HIPAA / MQSA compliant solution for delivering patient results sooner than ever before while saving your facility time and money. The quick results increase overall satisfaction by reducing anxiety and keeping your patient informed just as soon as you know her result. Not only can patient’s access their results via the online portal, but they can also fill out history information before their exams.

Do you already have a patient portal with your RIS or EMR? MagView’s Patient Portal is commonly integrated with these portals to offer patients access to their breast history, results and reminder letters.

Learn more about how MagView’s cost-effective portal, not only pays for itself but can improve your perception among your patients and providers.

To find out more about MagView’s products and services and how they can help your facility, please contact us at [email protected], or visit

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