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Jon Morris

Jon Morris is the Director of Sales and Marketing at MagView. He has been with MagView for 21 years; he became a part of the team in 1996. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Missouri Valley College in Marshall, MO with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications and Management.

Jon has been in the medical sales business for almost 30 years. He began in ultrasound sales in the 80’s, and some of the titles he has held since include: Director of Operations, Sales Representative, Regional Sales Manager, and Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Outside of MagView, Jon serves on the Board of Directors of Missouri Valley College. He enjoys musical theater and is a member of the Producer’s Circle for Starlight Theater in Kansas City. He is an avid sportsman, and enjoys hunting and fishing. Jon has a wife, Dawnna, and a son named Nathan.

Jon notes why MagView is so important to him, “MagView is a passion because like nearly everyone today I have had many family members and friends affected by breast cancer. My mother was a 10 year survivor of breast cancer and would not have survived that long without the breast center constantly tracking her. That instance in my life made MagView much more than a piece of software to me.”

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