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Gretchen Kelley

Gretchen Kelley is a Regional Account Manager at MagView. Her territory includes the Great Lakes area, and encompasses other regions spanning from North Dakota to Kansas and over to Kentucky.

Gretchen became a part of the MagView team in 2008. She has a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Journalism from University of Kansas School of Journalism. Gretchen has obtained notable awards within the MagView community and notes one of her biggest accomplishments is having the opportunity to work with and train all the new account managers. She also enjoys working with her brother at MagView.

She is married to her husband Mike, and has four children. Her spare time is filled with taking care of her kids Phina, Eliza, Fitz and Will. When she has the time, she enjoys practicing yoga, doing a household project, or enjoying a nice glass of wine.

When asked what she values about MagView Gretchen responded with, “In this role you are more of a consultant than a salesperson, which is really refreshing for myself and more beneficial for all the people that are interested in our products. With our large product line we have the opportunity to tailor our system to meet their exacts needs. This on top of having products that no one else offers really sets us apart from the competition which makes the sales part of the job enjoyable. Having worked at another very large company in a sales position I was able to experience what it was like being treated as simply a number on the board. At MagView we really are like family, we care about each other beyond the scope of work. The company truly does put customers first, which in the end makes all of our jobs easier.” Gretchen looks forward to seeing MagView continue to grow as it consistently comes out with new and exciting products for customers.

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