Touchscreen Tablet

More than two-thirds of US households have a tablet, iPad, or similar device. As your patient population grows, more and more users are comfortable using tablets in their daily lives. Does your facility offer this now commonplace technology to your patients?

Breast centers nationwide are turning to tablets to include the patient in their history entry process. This saves time for your technologists and front desk staff, and it engages with the patient more than any magazine in the waiting room.

When patients become part of the process, they are connected to the data. They are less likely to make a mistake when entering their information, and your techs can review the summary with them before starting the exam.

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Save your users time with data entry and history collection. Engage with your patient population from the moment they walk in the door. Securely enter and update personal history information from your internal wireless network. Take the technology with you, enabling your users to go mobile.

The decrease in data entry could translate into an increase in patient intake, adding thousands to your revenue stream. Contact your account manager today for a cost analysis and demonstration of this module.

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Our patients LOVE the tablets! Most find them easy to use, but it has totally saved our techs a lot of time. We couldn’t be happier with them, thank you again!

– Hospital in Tennessee