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Northwest Arkansas Go Live

Imaging Associates of Northwest Arkansas went live with their reimplementation earlier today, May 30th, 2018.

The timing of the upgrade coincides with retirement of Lonell Ward, a longtime proponent of the MagView system, superuser, and IT contact for the site. Lonell has been using MagView since before it was MagView – she was a user from the DOS era, when the software came on CDs instead of through VPNs. Her replacement, Carrie, will be our new site contact going forward for IT related functions.

Imaging Associates has long been at the cutting edge of what is possible within the MagView application, with numerous custom programs and workarounds that have historically allowed functionality that previously did not exist. While over time many of these features have been directly incorporated into the software, the custom nature of the original work required significantly more testing than average to ensure that nothing was lost in the transition. The testing paid off: the only post go-live issues were ones which required conditions that were not readily replicable in the test environment, were incredibly small in number, and did not interfere with patient care or workflow.

I would like to thank both Mike Redding and Luke Martin for being technical resources for this project, as well as Will Holl, and Josh Guenther for their go live support. I would also like to thank Erica Wells, for her continuous help behind the scenes to make all of this happen. I will be monitoring the progress of the remaining items along with Dave over the next few days to make sure that they are taken care of both technically and in any other way we can assist.

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