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MagView Structured Reporting

Clarity, Consistency & Completeness

MagView offers flexible BI-RADS reporting options to fit the needs of any radiologist. Structured reporting is crafted to ensure MQSA compliance, improve the efficiency of the reporting process, and allow the radiologist to focus on patient care.


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One Click Negatives

Generate a negative breast imaging report with one click, for 90% of your studies. Keep your eyes on the images and use MagView’s optional Screening Pad for even more efficient reporting.

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One Window Reporting Philosophy

Everything you need in one window. No toggling between screens.


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Full Visibility Over Entire Record

Easily view: risk assessment score, breast + family history, prior studies, and prior report.


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Patient Always In Context

Eliminate the risk of reporting on the wrong patient. MagView patient file syncs with images on the workstation.

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Fully Automated Tracking

Sign your report and the automated patient notification and follow up process begins. No extra steps or manual intervention required. MagView also captures data on a lesion level to ensure everything single finding is followed up.


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Still Prefer Voice Recognition?
No Problem.

Integrate existing VR solution and / or combine with MagView Structured Reporting for the most flexible and efficient reporting workflow.


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