Patient experience is a key component of clinical quality, and a focus point for breast centers of the future. The MagView patient experience helps you promote patient touch pinots and enhance patient perception throughout the continuum of care.

Streamlined Technologist Workflow

allows the technologist to focus on the patient.

Patient Questionnaire

With the aid of a tablet, patients can enter their personal and family history, saving time for both technologists and front-desk staff. Our web-based questionnaire is supported on most devices, such as iPad or Surface.


  • MagView’s Patient History module improves workflow for radiologists, technologists, staff, and your patients.
  • Patient history is automatically uploaded securely to MagView for immediate review without paper.
  • Breast history is remembered and presented to the patient at her next visit, which speeds up patient check-in.
  • Staff does not have to manually enter patient data.

Risk Models

MagView provides built-in risk calculators for most of the available models, including: Tyrer-Cuzick, Gail/NCI, BRCAPro, BCSC, Claus, B-RST and more.


  • Automate risk scoring for every patient
  • Identify high risk patients, highly visible to all staff
  • Automate communication with high risk patients
  • Review Gail, BRCA, NCI, HERA and/or user-defined model
  • Display 5 year, 10 year and lifetime risk calculations
  • Includes 100% customizable, comprehensive clinical history collection for accurate results


Patients can now enter their relevant history information online, days or even weeks before their scheduled exam. This saves time on the day of appointment and offers additional flexibility for the patient and users.


This feature creates a truly mobile technology workflow, where they are not tethered to workstations. The power of MagView goes with the user via tablet throughout the department, wherever they are needed.

  • The latest mobile technology allows technologists to be free from a workstation to enter and check patient data
  • Technologist iPad or other tablet device goes with them and works over secure wireless
  • Full workflow management from patient arrival through imaging through radiologist approval of images


  • Disconnect Technologist from the computer, allowing them to focus on the patient
  • Easy to use interface that is simple and easy to understand
  • Helps manage the department workflow from start to finish


Patient & Provider Portals

Communication & Portals With unlimited letters and more flexibility than any other mammography information system, MagView provides many cost saving options for patient and provider communication. Secure, web-based patient results portal allows patients to receive all letters via your website.

Texting Module

You can send text messages to your scheduled patients to remind them of an upcoming appointment. Texts have shown a significant reduction in no-shows and an increase in annual revenue.


  • Provides patients with peace of mind with instant notifications of results
  • Reminds patients about scheduled exams
  • Notifies patients if their follow-up is due (without a scheduled appointment)
  • Allows for custom notifications.

Patient Notification

Patients can receive instantaneous notification of their results via email through this portal. This can function as a standalone or integrated with Epic, Cerner, and other RIS systems. This allows your facility to cut down on the rising cost of postage.


  • Virtually eliminates cost of postage and paper
  • Notifies patients immediately, as soon as results signed
  • Reduces staff time spent folding and sorting letters
  • Automatically records patient’s receipt of results
  • Unlimited number of patient letters
  • HIPAA and MQSA compliant

History Portals

Patients can now enter their relevant history information online, days or even weeks before their scheduled exam. This saves time on the day of appointment and offers additional flexibility for the patient and users.


  • Patient enters history on iPad, tablet, or at home via web; answers instantly upload into LungView
  • Lung history is stored for next check-in
  • Guardians ensure patient answers key questions; branching Q&A logic intelligently presents only necessary questions to patient
  • Large fonts with a single question per screen, designed for lung screening centers and their patients
  • Patient history is automatically uploaded securely to LungView for immediate review without paper
  • Lung history is remembered and presented to the patient before her next visit
  • Staff does not have to manually enter patient data
  • Speeds up the check-in process as lung questionnaires have already been completed
  • Reduces workload and paperwork at the front desk


What our customer's say

Risk Portal

This portal provides referring physicians with a calculated risk score for their patients. The score is updated automatically once history information is obtained. The history portal allows the patient to input this information at their leisure.


  • Return actual empirical score back to the physician's office in real-time
  • Provide information about risk programs if the patient meet specific criteria (for instance, a lifetime genetic risk of breast cancer greater than 20%)
  • Support an outreach program inside your breast center or genetic risk office by providing reports and letters to outreach staff to identify high-risk individuals in the general population.

Referring Physician Portal

You can send finding reports to your referring physicians via email, cutting down on faxing costs and communication time. This enhances patient care turnaround times by enabling the RP to make decisions in real-time.


  • Reduces result turn-around-times.
  • Referring physicians gain immediate access to their results.
  • Can be integrated into any existing physican portal or linked from your existing patient/physician web.

Navigation Module

This tool allows nurses to navigate their patients through each treatment stage. It is a one-stop repository for documentation, notes, contacts, and forms needed for your tumor boards and oncology teams.


  • Track patients through each stage of the navigation process; document completed steps within each stage
  • User-defined protocols for each navigation stage
  • User-defined forms, such as Tumor Board Reports
  • Document patient contacts, barriers, appointments, and reminders
  • Integrate with imaging department data and tracking to reduce redundant data entry
  • Single source for all patient information, documentation, and resources
  • Expandable to other cancer patient navigation protocols

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