Create a Finding Report in seconds with the push of two buttons

Saves time for radiologists creating finding reports in a screening environment.

, Screening Pad™

The MagView Screening Pad

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The demand to read a high volume of screenings is greater than ever. Without having to take your eyes off the image, click a few buttons, and you have a finding report in a matter of seconds.

  • Back-lit Buttons for use in reading rooms
  • Configurable to include common options for your facility
  • Multiple models, from 24 to 128 keys
  • Customizable to a diagnostic workflow


Imagine creating a complete finding report with just two button clicks. It really is that simple with the Screening Keypad. Your template is configured ahead of time, including default settings for films compared and history information. All you need to do next is select a tissue density, and then click the ‘Sign’ button (for BI-RADS 1 Negative reports).

Two clicks more provide a complete BI-RADS 2 or BI-RADS 0 report as well. Identify the type of finding, give it a side, and you are ready to sign. Sections like history, views, and recommendation are pre-built, thus taking reporting time from minutes down to seconds.

flexible configuration

You get to decide what options go into your keypad during implementation. You can use our default settings, created through feedback from our early adopters, or you can let our team know which options you want to have available at your fingertips.

Are 24 keys not enough? No problem. There are models of varying sizes, all the way up to 128 keys. The most popular version is the smallest, however, and it is ideally configured for most screening environments.

You are not confined to just using the keypad for screening studies, either. The larger models are ideal for diagnostic workflow, especially with minimal modifications required. In that workflow, you can also use the keypad to start the report, modify the findings if necessary, then sign when complete. It has the flexibility to make any workflow faster.