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Get further insight with the return on investment using MagView's products. Real-time calculators that can give you up to a 5-year overview on profit and savings.

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We get it; sometimes, being the best in the industry is not justification enough without a financial impact. So, what exactly is the return on investment for MagView and its ancillary products?

Based on your variables and current available statistical data, we have formulated these calculators to break down exactly how much you can expect to save when opting to implement MagView and our add-on modules. In some cases, the money saved more than compensates for the cost of the module, as with our portals.

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The MagView Patient Portal ROI

The MagView Patient Portal allows patients to receive result notification and recall letters electronically rather than by mail. Implementing the MagView Patient Portal module can help your group by reducing mailing and staff costs, increasing revenue through improved compliance and an increased rate of patient return, improving the patient experience, and reducing liability.

MFN Interface ROI


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