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Did You Know?

When using MagView, 90% of your screening studies can be fully completed with two button clicks!

Did You Know?

You can utilize MagView to bring the 3 C’s to your radiologist results: Clarity, Conciseness, and Completeness.

Did You Know?

You can eliminate silos of patient data for your radiologists! With MagView, everything is seen in one window. No toggling or extra clicking, and No Paper!

Radiologist Workflow Technology

Radiologists have been charged with a seemingly paradoxical task: to do more, with less. MagView’s mammography reporting system can provide cost-saving solutions, however, that maximize your existing workflow and save your readers time. This is one of the reasons why MagView is the number one choice for luminaries in the breast imaging field.

  • Can your radiologists create a complete negative report with the push of a button?
  • Does your reading system include built-in templates with the latest ACR BI-RADS Fifth Edition wording?
  • Does your current system allow for both structured reporting and voice dictation, with seamless integration between both systems?
  • Do your referring physicians receive email notification of results in real-time?
  • Can your radiologists review prior known outcomes with the focus on improving recall rates and PPV statistics?
, Advanced Radiology Results

Advanced Radiology Results

Whether your readers use structured reporting, voice dictation, or both, MagView has tools to automatically track your outcomes. Our built-in structured report templates employ the latest ACR BI-RADS Fifth Edition language, and our extraction mapping is configurable to your readers’ templates. We can also provide seamless integration between structured and VR reporting through our PowerScribe 360 and M*Modal Fluency modules.

  • Complete ACR BI-RADS Fifth Edition atlas built into our structure reporting module
  • Seamless integration with your outside dictation system
  • Extraction module can be configured to your site’s specific reading styles
  • Macros and other shortcuts  maximize your interpreting physicians’ time


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VR Integration

Radiologists have many tools for creating finding reports, and there are multiple workflows that fit every preference. If your readers are not comfortable with structured reporting, they can integrate seamlessly with PowerScribe 360 or Fluency by M*Modal.  Carry over history, technique, and other data you are already capturing in MagView and convert to text in your dictation system. You can also use VR to modify a complex report that is otherwise completed in MagView.

  • Combines the power of structured reporting with voice dictation
  • Save the radiologist time by combining existing sections with PowerScribe or Fluency
  • Satisfy multiple reporting styles within a single reading center
  • Integration tool prevents mistakes opening the wrong case in another system
, Screening Keypad

Screening Keypad

Imagine creating a complete finding report with the click of just two buttons. With the MagView Screening Keypad, you can do just that. For your negative reports, the text and sections are pre-populated with data from the techs, so all you have to do is pick a tissue density and then sign. It is literally that quick. Whether your facility reads 150 or more screening studies a day, or you just want a faster method for reading your cases, this is the radiologists’ best friend.
  • Create an entire negative report with just two button clicks
  • Shave hours off of your normal reading workflow
  • Less time on screening cases means more time to spend with patients, on complex diagnostics, or other tasks
  • Keypad can be customized to your radiologists’ preference

, Luminary Workflow Manager

Luminary Workflow Manager

You can instantly create your own worklists or see which cases your colleagues are reviewing with the Luminary Worklist. This standalone module can be configured to filter on any variables, and they can live anywhere on the screen that is convenient. You can use them to open or switch between all of your relevant programs (RIS, PACS, MIS, etc.), and the built-in chat feature lets you share cases with your team in real-time.

  • Filters allow you to see cases based on any number of criteria
  • Standalone module does not require the readers to use MagView for reporting
  • Open and control all of your programs from one source, including PACS, MIS, RIS, and EHR
  • Built-in chat allows you to communicate with colleagues and share cases in real-time

, EQUIP Module

EQUIP Module

Since the FDA has required internal site review of images, MagView has provided the EQUIP Module to assist with this task. You can avoid the financial penalties by ensuring you can show a system of review in place; one which provides a compliance report would fit that bill! Our tool creates the worklist automatically, so your team can review as many cases as needed quickly and efficiently.

  • Built-in worklists provide each radiologist who is reviewing with an automatic list of cases
  • Each technologist is covered, preventing any possible citations
  • Pair the Live Retrieve tool with this module to fetch images in real-time
  • Satisfies MQSA requirements for radiologists
  • Avoid costly citations by providing a compliance report documenting your image review system

Thank you for your patience and your willingness to work with us as we create a tool that will enable us to capture all the good work our navigators are doing. As I mentioned during yesterday's meeting, there aren't data collection tools out there that will capture both outreach and navigation efforts - trust me, we looked! You took our vision and made it real!

- Anita McFarlane, NYU Langone