PowerScribe 360 Integration Offers Several Benefits To Radiologists

Flexible options for dictation and access from a single reporting platform.

, PowerScribe 360

Powerscribe 360

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The MagView / PowerScribe 360 Integration allows you to combine the benefits of structured reporting in MagView, with the flexibility of narrative reporting using the speech recognition capabilities of Power-Scribe 360. Using the PowerScribe 360 Inte-gration, radiologists can choose between two options for creating reports that combine the MagView and PowerScribe 360 capabilities. Radiologists can create structured reports in MagView with supplemental dictation or create full narrative reports in PowerScribe360 pre-populated with elements already collected in MagView.

  • Time Savings
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Expanded Data Capture
  • Clear, concise and consistent dictated reports


Using the PowerScribe 360 Integration, radiologists can create a structured report in MagView, and supplement the report with additional dictated elements using PowerScribe 360. From within the MagView Finding screen, the radiologist can create a structured report, then click the PowerScribe button to open the structured report in PowerScribe allowing them to dictate additional text into the report.

Dictation Only Workflow

You may have workflow where most or all reports are dictated in PowerScribe. The PowerScribe / MagView integration allows for pre-population of the report with information that’s been collected in MagView by the technologists. This saves the radiologist from having to dictate these components into the report. These data elements include:

  • Patient history
  • Exam indication
  • Procedure, views and technique
  • Films compared
  • Risk Assessment Score (if using MagView Risk Assessment Module)