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Did You Know?

Recent studies have shown that over 70% of patients would prefer to receive emails from their healthcare providers.

Did You Know?

One study showed that 85% of women who were negative screeners came back as scheduled, compared to 80% who got a false positive.

Did You Know?

You can customize MagView to send up to three recall letters for patients who are due, but do not have a scheduled appointment yet.

Mammography, 05 patient tracking system

Patient Tracking System

Are You Confident with Your Current Tracking System?

Your patients rely on you to remind them of their appointments, recall them for follow-up, and inform their results in a timely fashion. How confident are you that your current system is up to the task? MagView has over 27 years’ experience as the first and leading provider of mammography tracking software. We have the tools to fit your facility’s needs, from system reports to portals and beyond.

  • Do your patients receive email notification of their recall or reminder letters?
  • Does your current system meet MQSA requirements?
  • Do your referrers receive your finding reports in real-time?
  • Does your current system have reports that detail patient letter timeliness stats, incomplete reports, and more?
  • Can you confidently say that a patient has never fallen through the cracks in your current system?


, Breast Cancer Pathology Report Interface

Breast Cancer Pathology Report Interface

With the Pathology Interface, your patients’ pathology reports are entered into MagView immediately upon creation. We can interface with almost every pathology system available, provided they can communicate via HL7 or file-drop. You can customize your interface from a basic to extraction version, depending on the format they are sent. Either option saves your team a lot of time and avoids common data entry errors.

  • Immediate pathology data entry once the report is complete
  • Secure transmission options, including HL7 and file-drop
  • Avoid costly, time-consuming data entry errors
  • Save time for both the navigators and radiologists
  • Correlate pathology results per MQSA requirements



, Built-in Tracking

Built-in Tracking

MagView provides multiple ways of tracking your patients, from built-in system reports to a paperless tracking worklist. With our mammography tracking software, you can send up to three recall letters to bring your patients back in, and for those who already scheduled their appointment, you can send reminder letters or even a text.

  • Follow-up Report shows all of your patients who are due to return and have not yet
  • Follow-up Log tracks all follow-up records and recall attempts, regardless of the status
  • Send up to three recall letters, which are customizable per assessment and recommendation
  • Communicate through our Portal or Texting module to bring your patients back in
  • Tracking callbacks keeps you compliant with MQSA requirements
, Audit Tools

Audit Tools

You may confidently say that all patients are being tracked properly. But, can you show this to your auditor upon request? MagView can provide answers to all tracking and follow-up questions during your annual audit, including Contact reports, outcome statistics, and follow-up logs.

  • Comprehensive Quality Assurance (QA) Report provides all of the necessary statistics for your facility’s outcome data
  • Detail reports show individual patient records as they flow through the continuum of care
  • Worksheets provide a visual display of where your radiologists are in regards to PPV and other stats
  • Contact report shows outreach attempts, documented calls, and other related communication

, MagView Portal

MagView Portal

The MagView Portal is an essential tool for rapid communication of results, both to your patients and referring physicians. You can configure the portal to send the final report to referrers as soon as it is signed. Your patients can also receive results once they are available rather than waiting for a mailed paper letter. Not only do you save on postage, but you reduce patient anxiety.

  • Save money on postage and supplies generating paper letters
  • Save your staff time from having to fold letters and fill envelopes
  • Reduce patient anxiety by providing results much faster
  • Configurable to send lay letters and recall letters
  • Paper letter will still be generated if email is not acknowledged
  • HIPAA and MQSA compliant

MagView was able to help us get a report modified for our new PACS vendor. They were professional, prompt in attention to our issues, and was able to get everything working correctly. They made the process much smoother. Thanks!

- Denise Navarette, Tucson Medical Center