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, PQRS Module Update

PQRS Module Update

In 2015, CMS began applying a negative payment adjustment to individual providers and PQRS group practices who did not satisfactorily report data on quality measures for Medicare Part B Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) covered professional services in 2013. The payment penalty is comprised of a penalty of 2% based on non-participation, and an additional value modifier penalty of 4%.

“From the time the PQRS Module was installed, we were able to submit data within a couple of days. I was pleased to find that we were already collecting everything in MagView that was required.”

— Carol Kelley, Administrator

The MagView PQRS Module allows mammography practices to submit to the PQRS through the ACR, a Qualified Clinical Data Registry. MagView makes submitting to PQRS easy — we use data that is already being collected in the MagView system and automatically generate the applicable reports, which are electronically submitted to the ACR.

In order to ensure the best chance at optimal reimbursement, users can review each measure before it is submitted. Because it can be a confusing and complex process, a Project Manager is dedicated to walk users through the submission process and analyze measures that can be improved before submission.

Mercy Medical North Iowa was the first MagView customer to submit to the PQRS using MagView. Mercy Medical North Iowa expects to save approximately $200k–$300k in 2017 because of their PQRS submission.

For more information about the PQRS Module, contact your account manager.

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