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Are you considering or already
participating in NQMBC?

MagView makes your participation in NQMBC 2.0
quick and easy.

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Direct Integration with NQMBC 2.0

MagView partnered with NCoBC to build the NQMBC 2.0 registry. The MagView software has a direct upload connection to the registry. When you are ready to submit your data, it only takes two button clicks!

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Capture All NQMBC 2.0 Required Data

Chances are you’re collecting much of the required measure data at some point in your workflow. BUT is that data spread across different systems? Highly likely! MagView is a central data collection point in the breast center workflow, automatically collecting data required by NQMBC 2.0. Many of the requirements can even be pulled from MagView interfaces.

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Real-Time Guidance

MagView’s “Completeness Checker” ensures you are collecting all required pathology data. If a necessary data point is left incomplete, you are notified in real-time. When it comes time to report to NQMBC, everything is there!

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