Introducing MagView Luminary
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, Introducing MagView Luminary

Introducing MagView Luminary

MagView Luminary – Breast Centers of the Future


Patient experience is a key component of clinical quality, and a focus point for breast centers of the future. The MagView patient experience helps you promote patient touch points and enhance patient perception throughout the continuum of care.


MagView Luminary offers streamlined design and other features that promote the most efficient radiologist workflow. This allows the radiologists to spend less time processing data and focus their attention on image interpretation.


Automated patient tracking ensuring that each patient recieves appropriate follow-up care.
Flexible follow-up worklists create effecient tracking workflow.
Advanced risk assessment and tracking allows you to effectively manage high risk patients.
Automated communication with patient status engages referring physicians.
Detailed and actionable quality assurance measures lead to improved performance
Real time review of outcomes engages staff and builds confidence.
Automated letter generation creates reliable letter streams Integrated pathology information reduces errors and improves effeciency


Automated Clarity reports deliver reliable feedback
Reports, metrics and insight are generated in the background, and delivered to your inbox
User defined reporting engine delivers the power of any query
Dashboard metrics show your performance relative to goals
Configurable notification, warnings and alerts tell you when goals are missed or action is needed
Group dashboard allows key measures to be shared throughout the enterprise


Complete MQSA and ACR compliance
Satisfies all State breast density requirements
Participate in the ACR’s NRDR, NMD v3.0, GRID, LCRS, and PQRS/MIPS with data you are already collecting in MagView.
Report on NCoBC National Quality Measures for Breast Centers
Workflow solutions for EQUIP and other FDA and ACR programs
Fully HIPAA compliant

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