LungView Solutions: Radiologist Empowerment
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Radiologist empowerment

LungView offers streamlined design and other features that promote the most efficient radiologist workflow. This allows the radiologists to spend less time processing data and focus their attention on image interpretation.

PowerScribe Launch

You have the option to start or finish the report in PowerScribe 360, while still retaining the benefits of structured reporting elements from within LungView, such as patient history and technique statements. You then have the option to sign in either system based on the radiologist’s preference. This is very useful in dictating very complex cases and documenting a complex patient narrative.


  • Seamless integration
  • Both systems act as one application
  • Negative and structured results in MagView increase efficiency
  • Pre-populated sections in PowerScribe
  • Launch, login, logout, and close PowerScribe, all from within MagView

Dragon Integration

You can create a report directly in LungView using VR software, Dragon Medical One. For sites that already have the Dragon licensing, or for users who insist on dictated reports only, this is an ideal solution that still allows you to create reports quickly and securely.

Screening Pad

Imagine creating a complete finding report with just two clicks of a button. It is that simple with the screening keypad. We can configure the screening keypad to your site's specification to generate entire reports in a matter of seconds.


  • Reduce radiologist interaction with computer on 90%+ of screening cases
  • Automatically selects Lung-RADS assessment, recommendation and patient letter
  • User-definable keys for most common macros
  • Display final result in real-time

Workstation Interface

LungView can communicate with your PACS workstation in any environment. You can drive your workflow from the LungView or PACS worklist, and bring up the desired patients and images in a single or bi-directional workflow. This reduces the instances of reports being read on the wrong study, while saving the radiologists time.


  • Saves radiologist time; patients are opened from a single worklist instead of opening from two lists.
  • Reduces dictation errors caused by different patients being open on different workstations.
  • Interfaces with any network workstation.
  • Supports a variety of workflows and protocols.


Worklist Tool

You can collaborate instantly with colleagues and control multiple applications from one centralized worklist. The LungView Worklist Tool integrates live chat, status updates, and real-time audit statistics in one place.

PreView Pre-fetching Engine

LungView can prefetch your images from PACS overnight, saving your readers time and energy in having them ready for review in a rapid-paced environment.


  • Works with any HL-7 SIU/schedule or ORM/order feed, or can query an available DICOM worklist
  • Configurable to pre-fetch at a pre-defined schedule
  • Compatible with any RIS or PACS system
  • Can be used stand-alone or integrated with a SmartScheduler solution

Live Retrieve

Pulling images in advance is not always possible in certain workflows, but the LungView Live Retrieve module makes the process far more rapid and efficient. 

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