LungView Solutions: Meaningful Outcomes
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Meaningful Outcomes

LungView provides several tools to ensure your patients are returning and receiving timely and accurate care. From automated letter generation to text messaging reminders, we have many solutions to aid your site in its mission.

Patient Tracking

LungView was designed to track outcomes and ensure the best possible quality of care for each patient. With follow-up tracking, recall letters, patient-care reports, and other built-in resources, you have the power at your fingertips to keep on top of every case, so you can focus on the patient and not the numbers.

Texting Module

You can send text messages to your scheduled patients to remind them of an upcoming appointment. Texts have shown a significant reduction in no-shows and an increase in annual revenue.

Patient Notification Portal

Patients can receive instantaneous notification of their results via email through this portal. This can function as a standalone or integrated with Epic, Cerner, and other RIS systems. This allows your facility to cut down on the rising cost of postage.


  • Virtually eliminates cost of postage and paper
  • Notifies patients immediately, as soon as results signed
  • Reduces staff time spent folding and sorting letters
  • Automatically records patient’s receipt of results
  • Unlimited number of patient letters
  • HIPAA compliant

Referring Physician Portal

You can send finding reports to your referring physicians via email, cutting down on faxing costs and communication time. This enhances patient care turnaround times by enabling the RP to make decisions in real-time.

QA Dashboard

You can choose which measures and outcomes are most important, or use our best practice templates, to generate a real-time dashboard of current quality assurance measures. See your site or reader statistics immediately from anywhere in the world with web access.


  • Accessible from anywhere with internet connectivity
  • Messages and alerts that you define are delivered straight to your mobile device wherever you are, putting the power of big data in the palm of your hand
  • Implementing a Quality Assurance dashboard for your physicians allows them not only to see their performance at a moment in time, but identify developing trends and better visualize the relationship between the important quality assurance and patient outcome metrics


LungView can take the workload of generating your letter batches and turn it into a simple automated process. You can walk in each morning to a batch of patient notification or recall letters already printed and waiting for distribution. If you want to save on postage, be sure to check out our patient portal as well.

Pathology Interface

You can import pathology records as soon as they are created with the HL7-based pathology interface. Whether configured as a robust extraction or simple interface, LungView can automate this process, saving your users a ton of time importing information manually.


  • Automatically receives pathology results from any system at your facility
  • Adds pathology to the Pending Coding worklist, so that staff can immediately be informed when new pathology results are available for coding
  • Provides quick access to the full text of the pathology results and coding fields in a single window
  • Most commonly configured with HL-7 result messages, but can be configured to accept shared file, delimited text, CCOW, XML, or any other custom format
  • Interface can be configured to match the specifications of any existing pathology interface at your facility, in order to potentially reduce interface charges by another vendor.

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