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Data insight

Having outcome statistics and cancer detection rates at your fingertips is vital to the success of any tracking system. LungView provides the most up-to-date technology for calculating your data and presenting it quickly and seamlessly.

Reporting Flexibility

Regardless of the workflow your radiologists employ, LungView will compile the LCSR-required data from their existing reports, whether they are dictated externally, or created internally through voice recognition or structured reporting. Our system can extract the requisite data for auditing, QA reporting, and internal practice monitoring.

Clarity Report Generation

You now have the option to run reports in the background, freeing your users up to perform other tasks in LungView or elsewhere in the facility. With this feature, you can start generating all of your reports at once, instead of waiting for each one to finish first.

Custom Reports

Whenever a need arises for data that is not included in one of the many existing system reports, we can provide a custom report for your team. You also have the ability to create your own user-defined reports on the fly. We will work with your team to create the reports that meet your needs.


  • Unlimited custom built reports allow you to report on any data element you are capturing, with user- defined filters, menus and report layouts
  • Database can be queried with customer’s existing report writers, such as Crystal Reports; reports and practice management tools designed for lung screening programs centers
  • Monitor patient follow-up, exam status, practice volume and staff productivity
  • Reports designed exclusively for lung screening centers that include timeliness of care statistics, wait times, benchmarking, cancer statistics, surgical biopsy quality assurance and more

QA Dashboard

You can choose which measures and outcomes are most important, or use our best practice templates, to generate a real-time dashboard of current quality assurance measures. See your site or reader statistics immediately from anywhere in the world with web access.


  • Accessible from anywhere with internet connectivity
  • Messages and alerts that you define are delivered straight to your mobile device wherever you are, putting the power of big data in the palm of your hand
  • Implementing a Quality Assurance dashboard for your physicians allows them not only to see their performance at a moment in time, but identify developing trends and better visualize the relationship between the important quality assurance and patient outcome metrics

Group Performance

Configurable notification, warnings and alerts tell you when goals are missed or action is needed

Live QA Metrics

Group dashboard allows key measures to be shared throughout the enterprise

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