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Did You Know?

You needn’t spend countless hours cramming for compliance; MagView can fully automate those reports on whatever schedule you choose.

Did You Know?

We offer fully automated MQSA, NAPBC, NQMBC, ACR Breast Center of Excellence Reports and more!

Did You Know?

You can properly manage and report on EQUIP and the future of the initiative with MagView.

Mammography, 08-0 MQSA Compliance

MQSA Requirements Compliance

Whether submitting data for your MQSA audit or applying for a Breast Center of Excellence accreditation, you can rely on MagView to provide simple and straightforward reports for your team. Our partnership with the ACR, NCoBC, NMD, and other organizations grants you access to the most updated and accurate accreditation reports available.

  • Does your current system have partnerships with the main accrediting organizations?
  • Are you confident that your audit will run smoothly without any red flags or questions from the auditor?
  • Are you still tracking outcomes and calculating statistics by hand or by spreadsheet?
  • Does your system use the most updated and secure systems to ensure your data stays secure?
, EQUIP Module: FDA Certified Mammography

EQUIP Module: FDA Certified Mammography

FDA mammography guidelines now require breast imaging centers to review their images for quality. As part of this review, at least one image read by each interpreter has to be reviewed. That’s where the MagView EQUIP Module comes into play. We automatically populate a worklist for your reviewers, and a compliance report is available for your auditor as well, ensuring your facility avoids citations.

  • Tracks every interpreting physician requiring review, even those who only performed exams for part of the year
  • Automatically populates a worklist for review
  • Customizable rules fit your site’s specifications for frequency and number of images reviewed
  • Compliance report satisfies your MQSA EQUIP audit
, Tissue Density Interface

Tissue Density Interface

CAD solutions can provide objective and consistent solutions for reporting breast tissue density. For this reason, MagView offers an interface with these programs to satisfy your own site’s requirements for tracking this data. If your facility is in a state that requires informing patients of their particular density, we can use this information to keep you compliant.

  • Integrate with providers such as Volpara, iCAD, and Hologic
  • Objective and consistent solution for radiologists
  • Saves time for your readers
  • Keep compliant with your state’s regulations on tissue density
mammography reporting system, radiology reporting, mammography information system, MIS, MagView, mammography reporting, Credential Management

Credential Management

Your users have to keep their credentials up to date, and they often rely on you for assistance. With the Credential Management module, you can document and track their credits automatically. The built in report can be automatically generated on a schedule, so you will have it ready at your desired intervals.

  • Help prevent credentials from lapsing
  • Automatically generate a tally report for all or specific users
  • Track multiple credential types and multiple user groups
  • Manual credit adjustment optional if needed
mammography reporting system, radiology reporting, mammography information system, MIS, MagView, mammography reporting, MIPS


MIPS (Merit-based Incentive Payment System) is a value-based system that Medicare has moved to that will affect healthcare reimbursement moving forward, and everyone is affected by it. MagView has partnered with the ACR to bring you MIPS submission made easy using the ACR’s QCDR submission method to make your MACRA / MIPS submission a quick and easy experience.

  • Remove the headache out of navigating the complex regulations
  • Ensure you avoid negative reimbursement penalties
  • Assistance in possible positive payment adjustment of up to 4%
  • Helps to qualify for the maximum amount of quality points


We were the first to market with our Structured Reporting system.

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