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Did You Know?

A recent ITN article stated that, “radiology arguably holds the most and richest variety of data.”

Did You Know?

Dr. Katherine Andriole (Brigham and Women’s Hospital) says, “You don’t have to be a computer geek to be able to implement [business analytics tools].”

Did You Know?

The chance of having a false positive result after one mammogram ranges from 7-12%, depending on patient age.

Mammography, 07-0 Business Analytics

Business Analytics Solutions

Your breast imaging center relies on data to continue best practices and find areas for improvement. That’s why your mammography information system needs to focus on your business data, as well as tracking and outcome statistics. Fortunately, MagView has you covered. With over 27 years’ experience in mammography software, we continue to lead the way with dashboard business intelligence for your users and practice.

  • Does your current system offer real-time data on statistics vital to your business practice?
  • Do you have QA metrics that are instantly available anywhere you have internet access?
  • How do you keep track of your users’ productivity and site growth?
  • Do you have reliable and industry-proven statistical reports that work for your facility?
, Quality Assurance Dashboard

Quality Assurance Dashboard

You can instantly view your facility’s pertinent statistics with our online Dashboard. Designed to monitor QA statistics, you can configure alerts and displays to whatever data you want to monitor. Our customizable dashboard business intelligence allows your users to shift focus to specific areas as needed.

  • Instant access wherever you have internet
  • Configurable gauges fit your unique requirements
  • Get statistics in real-time
  • Track user activity and outcome statistics alike


, Clarity Reports

Clarity Reports

Our suite of system reports, called Clarity, provides mission critical data for your site and end users. You can track user productivity, mammography outcome statistics, and so much more with our data mining tools. These statistical reports can be automatically generated and even emailed directly to you, saving you and your users countless hours.
  • User activity is automatically collected
  • Report can be automatically generated by a schedule
  • Optional feature allows for emailing the report once completed
  • Tracking available for radiologist, technologist, and transcriptionist user types