Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer: How to Best Incorporate it into Your Imaging Workflow

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Understanding a patient’s genetics plays an integral role in being able to assess their comprehensive risk for breast cancer. That’s why MagView has incorporated genetic risk factors into its breast cancer risk assessment software and created an easy way for breast centers to integrate genetic testing into their organization’s workflow. The Role of Genetics in […]

Tyrer-Cuzick vs. Gail Risk Assessment Tools

breast cancer risk assessment

Breast cancer is a leading medical issue for individuals nationwide. Having risk assessment models in place is the best way to provide an early warning system in an effort to offer better medical treatments and help prolong life spans. ​​ What does it mean to be “High-Risk” for Breast Cancer? There are three risk categories: […]

Why Tyrer-Cuzick is the Breast Cancer Risk Model of Choice

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Personalized breast cancer care is making rapid progress—and breast cancer risk assessment plays an increasingly critical role in support of prevention, early detection, and effective treatment.  There are various breast cancer risk assessment models available, and the Tyrer-Cuzick v8.0 (IBIS) is one of the most reliable tools breast centers can use to identify high-risk patients.  What […]

What to Ask Vendors When Evaluating Mammography Reporting Systems

Choosing the right Mammography Information System (MIS) for your center is a crucial decision. The system you select will require a long-term investment and have a major impact on daily activities affecting both patients and staff. In that light, it’s important to conduct proper research and make sure you find the MIS that fits your […]