MemorialCare Breast Centers


When Gary Levine assumed the role of Medical Director of MemorialCare Breast Centers, his first challenge was to institute a state of the art Breast Health Information System throughout the breast centers. Consistency and communication between all the centers was the key component in the implementation. Having used the MagView system at multiple sites in his past, Dr. Levine knew it would be the right fit at MemorialCare. “By providing a well-designed suite of report generation and tracking tools, the MagView solution enables the radiologist, allowing us to focus on what matters – patient care,” says Levine. “Having previously deployed MagView at Hoag Hospital, I was confident that it was the solution required at the MemorialCare Health System.”

While MagView was clearly the solution within the breast center, it was vital that the mammography information system functioned as an integrated module within the health care systems Radiology Information System, Epic. The technical teams of MagView and Epic worked together to integrate the two systems and have them share real time patient information. “We engaged Epic and MagView to work together in order to establish a system that would meet our aggressive goals. Epic delivers a hospital wide information system that allows us to effectively manage the patient throughout the enterprise. MagView delivers the knowledge, expertise and solution set focused on our breast imaging environment. By integrating the two systems, we have seamless data integration, and a complete workflow solution for our breast imaging group,” Levine added.

Another challenge on the implementation was the 10 plus years of data that had been captured in the mammography information system that was currently in place at MemorialCare. A vital part of any implementation of a new system is leveraging all of the previous data. MagView was able to convert all the patient history, demographics and prior patient reports so that when MemorialCare went live with their system nothing fell through the cracks and the physicians could reference past patient clinical data when reporting on new findings.

While today’s health care environment is focused on dedicated sub specialty health care, Levine feels that same approach should be taken with the information systems. By taking the best that each product does and integrating them into one integrated system it gives a true best-of-breed solution. “This allows us to deliver the very best in patient care, and the most efficient and effective system for radiologists, technologists and our breast imaging workflow.”

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