A cutting edge practice demands cutting edge mammography software

West Coast Radiology Centers in Orange County, California have long been known as being on the cutting edge of technology and putting patients first in the practice. When they decided to expand to a dedicated breast imaging group, technology, workflow and patient care were at the forefront of the design. In addition to moving to digital mammography, it was determined that a state-of-the-art mammography information system was needed. After evaluating the market, the decision was made to implement the MagView Mammography Information System.


West Coast Radiology, Orange County, California

Organization Type

Multi-site, full-service radiology clinic, taking 30,000 mammograms per year.

Group Profile

Three full-service breast centers performing: screening and diagnostic mammogram; breast sonogram; breast MRI; Ultrasound, Stereotactic and MRI guided biopsy; bone densitometry.


West Coast Radiology was looking for a mammography information system that could:

  • Track patients consistently across multiple facilities
  • Automatically calculate required data for annual Medical Outcomes audit
  • Generate patient results and reminder letters
  • Improve result turn-around-times and allow radiologists to result breast sonograms, breast MRI, breast biopsies and needle localizations

West Coast Breast Center is known in the community for offering one-on-one attention to every patient. The size of the practice allows for four radiologists at the breast centers. The high level of experience in all aspects of breast imaging creates an atmosphere allowing the center to maintain a degree of patient contact that may not be possible in a large hospital-based breast center. With patient care in the forefront of the center’s philosophy, the radiologists wanted to find a better way to communicate with their patients and ensure all recommended follow-ups were being completed.

“When patient tracking is done manually, there is always a risk that a small human error would result in a patient with a concerning abnormality essentially slipping through the cracks, and a patient would not get the necessary follow up” says Medical Director Samantha Kubaska, MD. With the manual workflow all patient letters and results to the referring physicians were being generated by a staff member which was a very time-consuming process. “For a practice of our size,” added Kubaska, “it simply was not an effective use of staff time”.

While the initial search for a mammography information system was to address the tracking and follow-up of patients and to ensure MQSA compliance, it was soon realized that the easy to use structured reporting in MagView could also improve other areas within the center – cost of transcription and report turnaround time. “The reporting of studies previously required dictation and transcription, causing a notable delay in the report delivery, and creating a great deal of work for the radiologists who had to go back and sign multiple reports dictated much earlier or the day before,” said Kubaska. “Occasionally you would be signing a report on a case which you could no longer recall – this creates room for error,” added Kubaska. Now the reports are generated and signed while the radiologist views the films, thus reducing the risk of an important detail being left out of a report, due to an error between transcription and signing.

Adding MagView to our practice allows me to sleep at night. I know every patient we see receives their results in a timely fashion and their doctors receive their reports much faster.
— Samantha Kubaska , M.D. | Medical Director | West Coast Breast Center

The breast center was the first outpatient center to transition to digital imaging, and they have not stopped taking advantage of new technology to benefit their patients. “We are known for constantly updating our technology,” states Kubaska. “We offer state-of-the-art digital mammography in all three centers as well as breast ultrasound and breast MRI. These components are a perfect complement to MagView”.