Thank you for joining our meeting

We appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate our products and services to you! 

At MagView, we leverage our 20 years of experience in the breast imaging field to continue to deliver the most efficient tools available to our customers. We are proud to have the luminaries of mammography as our customers, and it is our desire to consistently improve workflow for our customers that have allowed us to produce the top mammography information system on the market. 

Below is some additional information to help you make the most informed decision possible.

Why choose MagView?

Why did they choose us?

We felt like you were the better company to partner with… and were more focused on the future and our needs.
MagView had more options available… and you were able to show me these options, not just talk about them.
Radiologist reporting in MagView was much more streamlined and we had locums say MagView was the most user friendly.
Knowing that you had already been on-site a couple times and we would be able to get you to come back when we needed you was comforting.
We felt like we were getting more for our money…
The ability to customize the system and reports was the biggest advantage…
Many of the changes can be made on the fly in MagView whereas with our old MIS it required a call to their help desk and often times additional fees…