A standardization and cost saving solution for Women's Diagnostic Center

MagView delivers an enterprise wide mammography information management solution for structured reporting and centralized tracking.

As one of the leading Women's Centers in the Southeast, Women's Diagnostic Center in Louisville, Kentucky is committed to providing their patients state-of-the-art care with the most advanced equipment available.

While the focus is always on patient care, we must also make sure that the group is being run as an effective business enterprise. MagView has been very useful in this regard as well. With MagView, we have seen a savings of more than $50,000.00 a year in transcription costs alone.
— Cris Vittitoe | Practice Manager | Women's Diagnostic Center

Women's Diagnostic Center was developed in 1986, with a focus on breast cancer detection based on screening mammography. The mission of the group and its physicians has been to provide the women of Louisville and the surrounding areas the highest level of care, respect, and understanding.


Group Type

Multi-facility, women's health care center.

Group Profile

Women's Diagnostic Center is located in Louisville, Kentucky, and performs 50,000 procedures annually, including digital mammography, diagnostic breast ultrasound, stereotactic biopsy, ultrasound guided vacuum assisted biopsy, ultrasound guided cyst aspiration and bone density studies.


In selecting a Mammography Information System vendor, Women's Diagnostic Center was focused on the following requirements:

  • User friendly structured reporting
  • Patient tracking across multiple facilities
  • Flexible QA reporting
  • Interface with Practice Management System
  • Enterprise wide HIPAA compliance
  • Integration with PACS
  • Deployment across Wide Area Network

Once open, word of the new center quickly spread, and the patients began to pour in. "Our volume increased tremendously, and it soon became apparent that we needed a more efficient solution for physician reporting and patient tracking," says Practice Manager Cris Vittitoe. "We selected the Magview system because we were impressed with its flexibility, and the ways it could be customized to suit our individual needs".

The physicians began using the structured reporting in MagView and observed an immediate decrease in the turnaround time for the reports and letters to the patients. "Once we started using MagView, we were able to achieve a reporting turnaround time of less than 24 hours," says Vittitoe.
MagView also allowed the group to improve their patient tracking workflow, and ensure that no patient fell through the cracks. "The tracking and outcome monitoring features have allowed us to easily keep up with all regulatory requirements, and most importantly, make sure no cases are left unresolved," states Operations Manager Teresa Costello.

In addition to improved patient care, the center was able to realize a significant return on their investment. Cost savings were achieved through a reduction in transcription cost, as well as increased efficiency with patient tracking and regulatory compliance. "Since implementing MagView two transcriptionists have been able to keep up with our continued growth. We could never go back to dictation and be able to provide the quality of service our referring physicians have come to expect," states group owner Dr. Art McLaughlin.

As the group has grown, MagView has been an important partner in supporting the changing needs of the group. Observes Costello, "Women's Diagnostic Center considers MagView and their team to be an integral part of our working family."