• The latest mobile technology allows technologists to be free from a workstation to enter and check patient data
  • Technologist iPad or other tablet device goes with them and works over secure wireless
  • Full workflow management from patient arrival through imaging through radiologist approval of images


  • Disconnect Technologist from the computer, allowing them to focus on the patient
  • Easy to use interface that is simple and easy to understand
  • Helps manage the department workflow from start to finish

Workflow Management

The MagView TechPad is not only a software solution, but a full breast center workflow management solution.  MagView's 25 years of experienced are leveraged to enable you and your staff to benefit from the best ideas in workflow management from across the country. Breast Center managers and staff know how what they do is different - and the MagView TechPad delivers an end-to-end package for department workflow.

When the patient arrives, they are added automatically to the worklist (or "patient board").  All technologists are able to see all of the patients and where they are in the flow: checking in, dressing, ready for their exam and ready for additional view or ultrasound (for diagnostics).  This worklist can also be displayed on a large board for the team to see at a glance workload and patient wait times to allow for real time adjustment.

Patient Experience Focused

The front line of patient care in your practice are your technologists.  They shouldn't be constantly going between focus on the exam and running back to a workstation to enter clinical data.  The way to enable them to provide the best care to your patients - and ensure their efficiency - is to untether them from the line of technologists waiting to enter data on a workstation and give them a mobile solution to quickly access the data they need without interrupting patient care.   

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