A patient tracking and structured resulting system for outpatient breast center

Stevens Hospital in Edmonds, Washington has a simple philosophy. It is the Stevens family taking care of your family. Stevens takes very seriously its mission to improve the health and well being of the community through high quality and compassionate health services. As an ongoing commitment to that quality, all areas of the hospital are routinely reviewed. During one such review it was determined that there were inefficiencies in reporting on breast imaging. To solve those problems and increase patient care they implemented the MagView Mammography Information System.


Stevens Hospital
Edmonds, Washington

Group Type

Outpatient Breast Imaging Center located on Hospital campus, performing 14,000 exams per year.

Group Profile

Stevens Breast Center provides screening and diagnostic digital mammograms, breast ultrasounds, breast core biopsies, breast cyst aspirations, stereotactic breast biopsies, breast localizations and galactograms.


Stevens Breast Center was looking for a mammography information system that could:

  • Reduce paperwork
  • Reduce transcription costs
  • Improve result turn-around-time
  • Provide a workflow that incorporates structured results and digital dictation with transcription management

“Prior to us implementing MagView, radiologists would complete a mammography worksheet which would be forwarded to transcription for entry into a report,” says Christina Derby, RT, Imaging Manager. “The worksheets were handled by multiple staff members and there was room for error and loss of information. Following the MagView implementation, the radiologists enter screening and some diagnostic reports directly into MagView which are signed and released immediately. This has cut exam report time by 1-2 days and significantly reduced transcriptionist hours.”

In addition to the standard “point and click” type of structured reporting, MagView provided a transcription component within the system to accommodate reporting or more complex cases and allow physicians a choice of how they wanted to generate their finding reports. “Complicated cases are dictated into MagView by the radiologists and transcribed by the transcriptionists,” added Derby. “For each exam, the radiologists simply select the BI-RADS code, and MagView automatically associates the patient letter. All the follow up and documentation is now completed at the time of interpretation.”

Magview allows us to quickly ‘point and click’ straight forward reports, and to rapidly dictate complicated studies including breast MRI… having both options makes Magview the ideal reporting system.
— Jennifer E. Shook, MD, PHD | Breast Imager | Stevens Hospital

Another key feature for the center was the ability to have unlimited custom reports for patient follow-up and tracking. “We print a call back report daily so our staff can contact patients requiring call back quickly,” said Derby. “The report is accurate and patients do not get missed or fall through the cracks. The call back report includes an individual worksheet for each patient and shows the impression of the report. This is a great tool for the staff who contact the patients for call backs”.
Integration was also a key factor when implementing MagView. “We also purchased the workstation interface that synchronizes MagView to the Hologic SecurView workstation. Exams viewed in SecurView automatically pull up the matching report in MagView for interpretation,” says Derby. “This innovative feature significantly decreased the risk of incorrect patient reporting”.
An implementation of this magnitude and change in workflow requires an attentive and flexible team from the vendor side. MagView also fit that need. “The sales and support team at MagView have been fantastic throughout the process. They have been professional, reliable and most important – available. They understand that learning a new program takes time and are there before, during and after the implementation,” said Derby. “It has been obvious throughout the process that MagView has made it their priority to see that their customers succeed with MagView. That is why we believe they are the leading product and company in the market.”