Screening Pad

The ultimate in reporting efficiency

MagView’s Screening Pad offers quick and easy results for more than 90% of your screening cases with the push of a single button. When combined with MagView’s worklist or workstation synchronization, the next patient can automatically open even further reducing the time it takes to open and sign each case. The screening pad helps radiologists speed through an entire screening session with minimal computer interaction.

Reduce radiologist interaction with computer on 90%+ of screening cases

The screening pad allows radiologists to generate a negative screening mammogram, including selection of tissue density, with the push of a single button. The radiologist reviews the final text on screen, and pushes Sign on the screening pad.

Automatically selects BI-RADS assessment, recommendation and patient letter

To speed the radiologist screening session, the screening pad automatically chooses all data required to fulfill your MQSA Medical Outcome Audit.

User-definable keys for most common macros

Beyond quick and easy negative reporting, MagView’s screening pad provides additional keys that can be configured with your site’s most common macros, notes and findings for non-negative results, such as: benign calcifications bilaterally; additional evaluation for mass; no change since prior; and prior films for comparison.

Display final result in real-time

When using the screening pad, the radiologist is taken directly to the results preview without the need for additional clicks. As choices are made on the screening pad (e.g., macros, tissue density, notes), the radiologist can see the final result instantly without the need to click to the next screen. If everything looks good, click the Sign button and move on to the next patient.