Risk Assessment Module

MagView’s Risk Assessment Module automatically calculates and displays breast cancer risk scores based on information that you are likely already collecting as part of your workflow, based on the most popular risk assessment models available. MagView's comprehensive cancer risk tools include all major risk models, as well as the ability for centers to use their own customizable risk models to asses a patient's risk. These tools are what make MagView the industry leader in risk assessment and high-risk program support.

Open-ended support for multiple risk models

Currently, MagView offers support for the following risk models: Tyrer-Cuzick, BRCAPro, Gail, NCI, HERA, B-RST, and user-defined models. More importantly, MagView’s Risk Module was built with an eye to the future: as customers request new models to be included, MagView’s architecture allows for additional models to be continually added to our software.

Automatically calculate 5 year, 10 year, and lifetime risk scores

Based on family history, major risk factors, and past pathology, MagView automatically calculates the scores for each desired risk model. MagView displays the scores in a highly visible fashion for both technologists and radiologists.

Collect risk information on patients in the general population (outside of the breast center) for referral to screening, MRI or detailed genetic risk screening

Automate communication to high-risk patients

MagView’s Risk Assessment module can automatically include risk scores in referring physician results (when using MagView’s Autoscribe structured-result module), and in any patient notification lay letter. In addition, MagView provides the ability to generate customizable letters to patients over a user-specified risk threshold.


  • Automate risk scoring for every patient
  • Identify high risk patients, highly visible to all staff
  • Automate communication with high risk patients
  • Review Tyrer-Cuzick, Gail, BRCA, NCI, HERA, B-RST and/or user-defined model
  • Display 5 year, 10 year and lifetime risk calculations
  • Includes 100% customizable, comprehensive clinical history collection for accurate results


  • MagView version 6.1 or later
  • Data entry of patient history into MagView. This can be a manual process by staff, or can be electronically completed by the patient using the MagView Patient History Module.