Risk Assessment Outreach Portal

Provide outreach into the community

By administering a breast risk assessment in clinicians’ offices or at health fairs, your staff can target women younger than annual mammogram age, and women who are not having screening mammograms.  In this way, all women will be adequately assessed for breast cancer risk.

Additionally, by storing captured data in your MagView system, we can provide the additional benefit of generating empiric risk scores to appropriately navigate patients who are at elevated risk.  Subsequent to patient consultations we can document those encounters and provide appropriate recommendations to the provider’s patients at elevated risk.

You choose how to use the information

The MagView Risk Assessment Outreach Portal can be configured in various ways to match the workflow your group desires to deliver to your referral base:

  • Return actual empirical score back to the physician's office in real-time
  • Provide information about risk programs if the patient meets specific criteria (for instance, a lifetime genetic risk of breast cancer greater than 20%)
  • Support an outreach program inside your breast center or genetic risk office by providing reports and letters to outreach staff to identify high-risk individuals in the general population.

Speed up the history collection process

When a patient visits her normal physician or OB/GYN, provide her provider a link to your web site, where she can access the Patient History module. After the patient completes her breast history, the data is automatically and securely uploaded to her patient record in MagView. The Best of all, the
Patient History module remembers all of the patient’s previous answers — so when Ms. Jones returns for her routine mammogram, her history is already filled out.

Large fonts and easy-to-understand questions 

The Patient History screens are designed for breast centers and their patients — that means large fonts that reduce eye strain, as well as questions that are phrased in layman terms. With large “Back” and “Next” buttons, even patients with little computer knowledge can immediately
use MagView’s Patient History without trouble.