Most customizable HL-7 interfaces of any mammography information vendor

  • Can interface with any HL-7 compliant EMR, HIS, RIS, PACS, VR, CAD, Billing, Scheduling, Pathology, or other system.
  • Can take any HL-7 segment and map to any field in MagView; can populate any value in any segment.
  • Supports all HL-7 message types, including (but not limited to) ADT, ORM, ORU, MFN, SIU, MDM.
  • Ability to match the interface message specs of the upstream system to reduce project costs and delays.

Supports context sharing with digital imaging workstations

  • Synchronizes displayed patients between MagView and review workstations.
  • Reduces errors, clicks and time to open patient across multiple systems.
  • Synchronization with all digital imaging workstation manufacturers and support XML, CCOW, direct TCP/IP, shared file formats and more.
  • For more information, please see the details of our workstation interface here.

Support for additional interface formats as well as custom interfaces

  • Results extraction interface receives finalized results from external dictation / RIS system.
  • Scheduling interface receives appointments and intelligently suppresses recall letters for patients with scheduled appointments, to reduce confusion.
  • Pathology interface receives pathology results from external pathology system.
  • DICOM “brokerless” interface allows work list query by modality units.
  • DICOM “C-move” pre-fetch engine requests PACS archive to send prior images to local review workstation.