Structured Resulting

MagView supports several different workflows for generating results reports. No matter your method for generating results, MagView automatically captures MQSA-mandated data for your medical outcomes audit.

Autoscribe™ Structured Results

  • Industry’s most flexible point-and-click results engine.
  • Improves turn-around times with one-click negatives, macros, and canned notes for each radiologist.
  • Builds complete, clean, and concise structured results that are BI-RADS compliant for all breast imaging.
  • Safeguards against incongruent or missing data elements and ensures MQSA-tracking data is captured.
  • Flexibility to make changes to any text in the report before signing.

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Screening Pad

MagView’s Screening Pad offers quick and easy results for more than 90% of your screening cases with the push of a single button. When combined with MagView’s worklist or workstation synchronization, the next patient can automatically open even further reducing the time it takes to open and sign each case. The screening pad helps radiologists speed through an entire screening session with minimal computer interaction.


Workstation Interface

MagView’s workstation interface allows your mammography reading workstation to talk to your MagView workstation. When a patient is opened for reviewing in your digital image reading workstation, the same patient is opened up in MagView, and vice versa.

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