MagView’s Web Portal allows your referring physicians to access their results quicker than
ever. Once the radiologist finalizes a report in MagView, the full report is immediately uploaded and available for review.

Improve turn-around-times with electronic web-based access to exam results

With MagView’s web-based “Referring Physician Web Portal” you can provide access to exam results
instantaneously. Once a radiologist has finalized an exam report, the results are uploaded to the web portal, and can be immediately reviewed by the referring physician. In addition to improved turn-around-times for result distribution, MagView’s web portal lowers the volume of phone calls your staff receives from clinicians asking for results. For truly paperles workflows, a combination of MagView’s AutoFax interface and web-portal reduces mailroom costs entirely. 

Ensure hipaa-compliance with secure access to your patient’s results 

MagView’s referring physician web portal is HIPAA compliant and secure — you control user accounts and passwords to your web portal. Once a referring physician is assigned an account, additional security measures ensure the physician can only review results of their patients.

Designed to work with your existing network and infrastructure

MagView’s referring physician web portal is designed to work with your existing network and hardware. It can be integrated into an existing portal or linked from your existing patient/physician web. For a complete list of technical requirements, please contact your MagView sales representative.


MagView’s Referring Physician Web Portal module helps your organization provide a better value and service to your referring physicians

  • Reduces result turn-around-times.
  • Referring physicians gain immediate access to their results.
  • Can be integrated into any existing physican portal or linked from your existing patient/physician web.