Radiology Management

MagView is a complete radiology information management system that can integrate scheduling, reporting, billing and management for your radiology practice. In addition to the core tools for workflow management, MagView offers many other features to help manage your group.

Report Routing

MagView has powerful features to manage the sometimes complex requirements for routing Radiology Reports, ensuring that timely and appropriate communication is made to each referring physician. MagView supports mail merge, auto-fax, email and on-line access to reports. MagView permanently documents every report which is released, and maintains an access log for all on-line events. 

Forms Printing

MagView includes a powerful Forms Manager™ that allows you to define and generate all patient forms, including registration forms, consent forms, history forms, instructions and other forms used by your group within the patient workflow. Any design can be implemented, and printed on plain paper. Forms can be printed in batch for the following day, or printed as patients check in based on their appointment type.

Film Tracking

MagView includes a flexible Film Tracking solution that manages your film library, and tracks the location and status of all film studies. Film check-in and check-out are tracked, and film follow-up can be managed based on user specified parameters.

Data Interfaces

While MagView offers the power of a fully integrated solution, HL-7 and other interfaces can be created to allow MagView to work with other information systems to provide a seamless workflow for your staff. 

MagView had more options available… and you were able to show me these options, not just talk about them.

Radiology Management Reporting

MagView includes a number of reports that are invaluable to radiology managers and administrators. MagView reports allow you to monitor operations to help ensure that practice goals are met. MagView includes powerful reporting tools in the following areas:

  • Productivity reports
  • Utilization reports
  • Follow-up reports
  • Compliance reports
  • Quality assurance reports
  • Billing and collection analysis reports
  • Audit reports
  • User defined and customized reports