A Breast Reporting Solution for Radiology Group Imaging Center

MagView delivers an efficient and effective Mammography Information System that saves cost and improves communication with patients and referring physicians.

Report turnaround with MagView is instantaneous. We don’t have to go to transcription, correct errors, and then have the reports come back to be signed. Each of those steps causes a delay in the reporting process. Using MagView allows us to lower cost, and more importantly, get the results to the patients more quickly
— Michael A Bohl, MHA | Director | Radiology Group, P.C., S.C.

As the only full service independent imaging center in the Quad Cities area, the Radiology Group Imaging Center has always strived to be on the cutting edge of technology, while providing top tier service to their patients. When this busy practice expanded and moved to their new facility in Davenport, they realized that they needed a more effective solution for mammography information management.


Group Type

Full Service Imaging Center

Group Profile

Radiology Group Imaging Center is one of the most comprehensive medical imaging facilities in Iowa. It is owned and operated by the physicians of Radiology Group, P.C., S.C., a local radiology group which has provided outpatient imaging services since 1945.


As the center was making a change from another mammography information system, Dr. Hartung outlined the following goals for the selection and implementation of the new mammography information system:

  • Reporting efficiency
  • Reporting flexibility
  • Standardization
  • Quick report turn around
  • Easy MQSA compliance
  • Integration with Cerner RIS
  • Integration with Vital Works RIS/PMS
  • Integration with iCAD
  • Paperless pathway
  • Availability from all locations
  • Availability from different networks
  • Comprehensive patient tracking


"We needed a way to solve the record keeping dilemma for MQSA, while improving our reporting process for mammography and increasing the efficiency of our radiologists and other staff," states radiologist Robert Hartung, MD, FACR.

Radiology Group faced other challenges as well. They needed a solution that would interface with multiple RIS and HIS vendors which do not share a common patient medical record number, integrate with their CAD systems, and provide timely access to users at all facilities operating on different data networks. They further required a system that would meet their vision for a streamlined and paperless workflow throughout the facility. They also needed to convert all data from their existing mammography reporting system, which had been in place for several years.

After exploring all options, Radiology Group selected MagView as their new mammography information system. MagView solved their technical problems by implementing a single synchronized database visible to all users, and by developing interfaces with each RIS, HIS and CAD system in use to facilitate workflow. "With all sites linked together, we can now view a patient record from any location, see all procedures which have been done, and create the report," notes Hartung.

MagView also met the group's need for a more effective reporting solution. Radiology group replaced their system of dictation and check-off sheets with a workflow where the radiologists create standardized reports using MagView's reporting features. Now, all mammography reports are generated directly by the physicians. "None of the mammographers want to dictate reports now. Normals can be done in two or three clicks. We have completely eliminated transcription for breast imaging reports," says Hartung.

Radiology Group is now planning for their continued growth with the implementation of digital mammography, and the creation of a fully paperless workflow, utilizing MagView's scanning and document management system. Notes Hartung, "MagView has been an important partner in our success, and we will continue to look to them to help us meet the challenges of the future."