PreView Pre-fetching Engine


  • Works with any HL-7 SIU/schedule or ORM/order feed, or can query an available DICOM worklist
  • Configurable to pre-fetch at a pre-defined schedule
  • Compatible with any RIS or PACS system
  • Can be used stand-alone or integrated with MagView’s
  • SmartScheduler solution

MagView’s PreView engine provides “third party C-move” pre-fetching capabilities by requesting your PACS archive to send images to the local cache of your softcopy review manager/workstation well ahead of the patient’s exam. PreView can be configured to push images on a pre-determined schedule of your choice, or in-real time as orders are received.

PreView can receive an HL-7 SIU (schedule) feed to pre-fetch based on tomorrow's appointments, for example, or PreView can receive HL-7 ORM (order) messages in real-time, so that images are pre-fetched immediately as the patient is arrived/checked-in. Preview can also query any available DICOM worklist.

Reduce radiologist delays waiting for prior images

PreView helps radiologists to work quicker by automatically requesting prior images well ahead of time. You can configure how many priors you want pre-fetched, so that all necessary prior images are available to the radiologist along with today’s images without delays. 

Eliminate need to manually request priors

MagView’s PreView Pre-Fetch Engine allows your technologists to spend less time requesting images, and more time with the patients. PreView is especially useful in a diagnostic setting where staff members currently have to manually request images before they begin the exam. PreView automatically requests a patient’s prior images without any effort by your technologists.