A stand-alone mammography system at the heart of a dedicated breast care center

Thanks to MagView’s extensive macros and customizable notes, I result 100% of my exams without picking up a microphone.
— Lynda Frye, MD | Co-owner | Pacific Breast Care

MagView delivers a “mini-RIS” mammography information system, providing DICOM broker services to digital acquisition stations and results distribution of all referring physician reports and patient letters.

When Pacific Breast Care began searching for technology partners in 2007 for their state-of-the-art, dedicated breast center, they committed to having the best equipment and software available. MagView was honored to be chosen by Pacific Breast Care as their mammography information system.

The biggest challenge Pacific Breast Care faced was the need to communicate across multiple technologies -- digital acquisition stations, scheduling software, billing software – without having a dedicated RIS system. MagView was able to deliver a mini-RIS solution, gapping the communication barrier across their different systems. “MagView gives us RIS-like capabilities at a fraction of the cost,” notes co-owner Dr. Police.


Group Type

Free-standing comprehensive breast imaging and treatment center.

Group Profile

Physician-owned comprehensive breast center, offering: digital mammography, breast ultrasound, breast MR, core biopsies, wire locs, surgical consults, post-operative physical therapy, radiation therapy, and a high-risk clinic with genetic testing and counseling.


Pacific Breast Care was looking for a mammography information system that could:

  • Act as a DICOM broker to their modality workstations
  • Provide audit reporting
  • Allow physicians to result breast U/S, MRI, and biopsy/locs
  • Build custom interfaces with their existing billing software

MagView’s DICOM module acts as a broker for their modality workstations, without the expense of a third party broker. Diane Rinella, lead technologist, explains, “We place orders in MagView, and those studies immediately show up on our acquisition station worklists.”

MagView was able to build custom interfaces between Pacific Breast Care’s existing scheduling and billing software. “MagView was the only vendor we found that could receive demographics from our billing software, and pass back important coding and billing data,” notes Dr. Frye.

At Pacific Breast Care, MagView is used to result 100% of all breast imaging studies and interventional procedures through its Autoscribe© mouse-driven templates. Dr. Frye used MagView at her previous hospital, and was very familiar with its flexibility and robust structured results module. Explains Dr. Frye, “MagView allows me to create complicated results with just a few mouse clicks. MagView eliminates transcription and dictation system costs, and the results turn-around-time is instantaneous.”

Dr. Frye also appreciates that MagView reduces redundant patient tracking, “MagView automatically captures all MQSA tracking information from my report, which virtually eliminates human error, and that gives me peace of mind.”