Patient Results Portal

MagView’s Patient Results Portal provides a cost-effective alternative to printing and mailing
letters to patients. Instead, your patients receive a personalized email from your center with a link to a secure, HIPAA-compliant patient portal on your group’s web site. The MagView Patient Results Portal provides an added layer of legal documentation by logging the date and time when a patient retrieves her letter(s).

In addition, the MagView Patient Results Portal automatically generates printed letters after a chosen number of days for any patient who fails to retrieve her results from the Patient Results Portal. 

Eliminate postage and paper costs, reduce staff time spent folding letters

Consider how many letters you are sending for each patient. Each mammogram exam generates one patient letter, and in addition most sites send – sometimes up to three – reminder/callback letters to their patients. That may be three or four letters per patient. 

When you add this postage to the cost of paper or pre-printed letterhead, as well as the time spent folding letters and stuffing envelopes, it is easy to see how the MagView Patient Results Portal pays for itself within the first year.

Document when a patient receives results

MagView’s Patient Results Portal documents the date and time a patient logs in to receive her results for an added level of legal protection. This documentation is immediately viewable in the electronic patient record. As an added security measure, each patient is required to verify their date of birth (or other fields chosen by you) before they are allowed to retrieve their results.

Communicate instantly with your patients

With printed letters, the process of printing, putting in envelopes, and mailing can take up to a week for a patient to receive her results. With MagView’s Patient Results Portal, your patients are notified instantly, as soon as the results are finalized by the radiologist. The patient portal, which resides on your own website, offers a unified look and feel to your patients.


  • Virtually eliminates cost of postage and paper
  • Notifies patients immediately, as soon as results signed
  • Reduces staff time spent folding and sorting letters
  • Automatically records patient’s receipt of results
  • Unlimited number of patient letters
  • HIPAA and MQSA compliant


IIS Web server 7.x or greater with read/write access to MagView server over windows file sharing; SSL (secure connection) certificate; MTA mail relay with SMTP protocol support.