Workstation Interface

MagView’s workstation interface allows your mammography reading workstation to talk to your MagView workstation. When a patient is opened for reviewing in your digital image reading workstation, the same patient is opened up in MagView, and vice versa.

Eliminate cases dictated on the wrong patient

A common cause of dictation errors occur when a radiologist is looking at the digital images of Patient A, but accidentally dictates on Patient B. With MagView’s workstation interface, your reviewing workstation and MagView workstation are kept in sync. When Patient A is opened in the digital image reading workstation, a message is sent via the interface and that patient is opened up in MagView, reducing the odds of incorrect dictations.

Support for different workflows and standards

Like many of MagView’s products, the workstation interface supports a variety of workflows; you can customize MagView’s workstation interface to receive messages from your digital image reading workstation, or you can configure the interface to send messages to your digital image reading workstation – or both. MagView’s workstation interface is compatible with GE, Hologic and all other digital image reading systems that provide this capability.
Created jointly with our imaging partners

MagView’s workstation interface has been developed in cooperation with our mammography imaging partners such as GE, Hologic, McKesson, Agfa, Philips, Ramsoft, and Fuji. MagView’s workstation interface has built-in technology to work with additional digital image reading systems as they become available.


MagView’s workstation interface module improves workflow for radiologists, technologists, administrative staff and your patients.

  • Saves radiologist time; patients are opened from a single worklist instead of opening from two lists.
  • Reduces dictation errors caused by different patients being open on different workstations.
  • Interfaces with any network workstation.
  • Supports a variety of workflows and protocols.