Patient Communication

Unlimited letters and more flexibility than
any other mammography information system

  • User-defined patient lay result, overdue recall, short-term follow-up, annual reminder, callback and appointment reminder letters, and separate letters for each BI-RADS assessment / recommendation.
  • Unlimited letters with on-the-fly radiologist option to review and edit patient lay summaries.
  • Unique letters and letterhead for each location; separate male letters; and unlimited alternate language letters.
  • All sent letters are permanently archived and documented in the MagView electronic patient record.

More options for printing patient letters

  • Configure letter batch to automatically generate and route to desired printer at any time you choose.
  • Configure letters to print with optional Print-2-Mail automated letter sealers.
  • Customize each recall letter separately and define when each letter should print.

Reduce costs with online patient results portal

  • Secure, web-based patient results portal allows patients to receive all letters via your website. Patient receives e-mail notice that does not transmit any ePHI to ensure HIPAA Security & Privacy compliance.
  • Eliminate postage and paper costs, reduce staff time stuffing envelopes and folding letters.
  • Portal automatically documents date and time patient viewed her letter, akin to a certified letter.
  • Patient can choose to receive paper results or e-mail notification.

Breast density statement on patient letters

  • A growing list of states are requiring the inclusion of information on a patient’s parenchyma density in the lay letter sent to a patient.
  • MagView provides the direct ability for centers to meet and exceed these requirements, without any change to their current workflow.
  • MagView has the ability to include this information, as well as specific legally required information for those patients in the patient letter based on the radiologist’s selection at the time of reporting.
  • For more information on including breast density information on patient lay letters, please click here.