Pathology Interface

MagView’s Pathology Interface provides quick and easy access to pathology results directly within the MagView application. Staff responsible for coding pathology can be notified the instant results are available via a “Pending Coding” pathology worklist. While coding pathology in MagView, staff can view the text of the results in the same pathology window in order to increase efficiency and help transition to a paperless environment. 

Improve access to pathology results


  • Automatically receives pathology results from any system at your facility.
  • Adds pathology to the Pending Coding worklist, so that staff can immediately be informed when new pathology results are available for coding
  • Provides quick access to the full text of the pathology results and coding fields in a single window
  • Most commonly configured with HL-7 result messages, but can be configured to accept shared file, delimited text, CCOW, XML, or any other custom format supplied
  • Interface can be configured to match the specifications of any existing pathology interface at your facility, in order to potentially reduce interface charges by the other vendor.

At some centers, tracking down pathology results can be a time consuming endeavor. MagView’s interface receives the pathology results and displays them on a worklist so your staff does not have to hunt and track down results. 

The pathology interface displays the results in MagView the instant they are available, which can reduce the time it takes you to receive them via courier, fax or through interdepartmental mail at your facility.

Minimize risk of missed pathology patients

As the leader in solutions for breast centers, MagView provides many ways for your staff to become proactive in collecting all necessary pathology. MagView’s “Pathology Not Entered” report and “Pending” worklists reduce the manual labor of tracking pathology patients by hand. 

Reduce interface costs

As with all of MagView’s interfaces, the pathology interface is custom written to accept any type of
message, regardless of the originating system. If your facility already has a pathology results interface in place, MagView can work with your existing format, which may save you from being charged by the other vendor.